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What is a Lactation Consultant?

While taking that leap into motherhood is an exciting, joyous event, for many new moms, it can also be an overwhelming one.  This busy time often comes with a million questions and concerns: “What is the best way to feed my baby?”  “How can I be sure they’re getting the nutrients they need?”  “What is a lactation consultant, and how do they help?”

A lactation consultant is a dedicated professional trained in answering your questions and solving your breastfeeding concerns. 

In this article, we’re here to address the most common questions new and experienced mothers have about lactations consultants.  Read on to learn more about this fascinating and important profession!

What Can Lactation Consultants Help With?

Lactation consultants cover a variety of areas related to helping mothers through their breastfeeding journey, including counseling, educating, and training mothers in how to best take advantage of the gifts that breastfeeding offers.

Ultimately, lactation consultants are here to help you with any of your breastfeeding needs or concerns.  This may include:

  • Issues with proper latching
  • Advice on finding the best breastfeeding equipment
  • Balancing your meals with the necessary supplemental feedings
  • Adjusting to breastfeeding after returning to work
  • Fussiness related to breastfeeding technique
  • Feeding infants with special health concerns or problems
  • Finding relief for cracked nipples

In their quest to help mothers easily, painlessly breastfeed their children, lactation consultants may steer their clients in the direction of safe cures to their sore nipples.  Formulated by global lactation consultants and pharmacology professionals, Dr. Nice’s all-natural nipple gel is the number one choice by professionals seeking to help relieve their client’s breastfeeding-related pain!

USA-made and completely vegan, Dr. Nice’s Moisturizing Gel combines four safe, all-natural ingredients to soothe sore nipples and provide long-term protection against infection.  Our unique formula works by filling in tiny cracks of the skin, creating a water-tight barrier that blocks out bacteria and preserves moisture.  The peppermint formula provides a cool, gently tingling sensation that instantly relieves pain without distracting from this precious time with your baby.

Best of all, this lanolin-free product is completely safe for both you and your baby, allowing you to breastfeed within minutes of application.  No cleanup required!

The ideal lactation consultant isn’t just available for a few hours after the birth of your child; they are available to help guide you over the coming weeks or months, helping you and your baby through this major life adjustment.  If you’ve been struggling with nipple pain during this transition, ask your lactation consultant about Dr. Nice’s Moisturizing Gel.

Is a Lactation Consultant Worth It?

Lactation consultants charge anywhere from $150 to $300 per hour.  Though this expense may initially seem unnecessary, the support they offer in the weeks following your pregnancy can be profoundly helpful, making them well worth the expense.

For new mothers, especially those unaccustomed to spending time around infants, a lactation consultant can feel like a lifesaver.  Through patient training, lactation consultants can help new mothers can learn how to effectively latch and feed their babies, saving countless hours of frustration.  

While new mothers may find the most use in these professionals, experienced mothers can also find major relief through their assistance as well!  Just because one child is easily latched doesn’t mean that the next will have the same smooth transition into breastfeeding.  Through the help of these trained professionals, experienced mothers can learn how to best help each individual child have the most fulfilling breastfeeding experience possible. 

 Every baby is different; motherhood is not a one-size-fits-all experience. Having a professional by your side in those early weeks can help smooth the transition into motherhood in ways you may have never expected. Lactation consultants offer more than just training; they provide peace of mind that even experienced mothers can appreciate!

Are Lactation Consultants Nurses?

Though many lactation consultants are also seasoned nurses, nursing school is not a requirement to become a professionally recognized lactation consultant. The intense level of training that goes into the career field ensures that every consultant is true healthcare professional.

To become a registered lactation consultant, a person must complete a minimum of 90 hours of education in healthcare, breastfeeding, and lactation.  In addition to this, your lactation consultant has finished an on-site internship, studying these skills under the guidance of a more seasoned professional. 

No matter your lactation consultant’s specific degree, you can rest assured that they are operating under the highest levels of lactation knowledge!

Last Thoughts

The first few weeks you spend with your infant are an intensely valuable time.  During this precious period in your baby’s life, you have the opportunity to build a solid foundation through bonding, nutrition, and focused attention.  With the assistance of a trained lactation consultant, you can ensure that not a minute of this time goes wasted!

With the help of products designed by professional lactation consultants, you can breastfeed free of any pain that might otherwise distract you from this joyous experience.  Enjoy instant relief and long-term protection with Dr. Nice’s Moisturizing Gel!